Thursday, March 23, 2017

b2 (bee-squared) PRESENTS....: Where the Hell Did They All Go?!!

b2 (bee-squared) PRESENTS....: Where the Hell Did They All Go?!!: Where did all the writers go Why did they take their words What were they thinking when they left Will they send a postcard explaining th...

Friday, August 12, 2016


I'm loud
Really loud
Don't hate me for it

I whistle often
And not really well
Don't berate me for it

I'm not constantly happy
But I'm always positive
Try joining me in it

I'm not unrealistic or naïve
But I do have rose colored glasses
Try them on

Go ahead

Monday, July 18, 2016

Here i am

Here I am

Not wondering how I got here
But knowing the steps I took
And why I took them
For the first time in my life
In real time

Here I am

Not wanting to wake them
The folks that said I could
No matter the situation
This situation is not it
But it might

Here I am

Seeing who I associate with
Is still propagating the myth
Just as my parents did
With no regrets
But learning

Here I am

Appreciating those who accept
Not just where I am
But who I am
Right here, right now
In real time

Here I am

Understanding how far I have
To go on learning, growing
Giving and sharing
Some see it

Here I am

Feeling the non-judgmental ear
Hearing my too good to be true
Stories that are as real as sun
Lighting the way we should be
Are they real

Here I am

Really wanting to believe
Inside a mask we all wear
Trusting instincts
Everyone has shared
It is real

Here I am

Appreciating this space
This time on my hands
Trying to share it with them
Even if they are not ready
For me to be me

Here I am

Singing from the heart
Letting the diaphragm
Take all the credit, today
As it should

Here I am

Up at 2:39 writing as I do
Not as I say, ever
Cajoling myself
With a smile

Here I am

Deal with it
Or refuse to give in
That's what they will say
Who is they, I can hear him

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Show me a Finish Line and I will run fast and smart until I get there

Ask me to create a Finish Line and I'll make one farther and harder than you could have ever imagined

I may not win but I will never ever give up

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Do, delegate, defer, delete

Take 2 minutes today to allow yourself to hurt.
Let the thing(s) that are eating you come to the top of your consciousnesses, one at a time.

Then follow this flow chart:

-can I take any action right now
-yes? -go
-No? -put in a calendar reminder to take a step tomorrow towards either changing the situation, or changing the way you react to it.

Repeat for each of your 'things'

Breathe in, breathe out, repeat.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Showed all we came here to see
Regardless if we were ready

You met us where we were
Found us were we wanted to be

I swear I was hoping for it
I admit, I was worried it wouldn't happen

We got what we came for
We found so much more

I'm glad you let go
I'm sorry that it hurt

The moment happened
yes it did, and then some

We saw you at your best
You will see it soon

Tha' Elephant

Address it or not
It still there
Whether or not
We shall dare

Crowding the room
Filling our minds
Hoping it's soon
Being so kind

Naturally natural
Ingloriously so
Beautifully watchful
Gut says whoa

Let's meet there
Here and now
Without a care
Take a bow